Salesforce File Type Security – Change PDF Behaviour To Download or Open In Browser

I learned something today I probably should have already known.  We have a number of PDF reports that used to download when the links were clicked, but were now opening up in the browser.  I started playing with the VF Page to alter this behaviour but soon discovered there’s actually a Salesforce setting that controls how different file types are handled.

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Manipulate CreatedDate property of test-context sObjects

One thing I somehow missed in the Spring ’16 update is a new method in the System.Test class called setCreatedDate() .

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Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo is cool, but it’s hardly artificial intelligence

Anyone following me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook over the past few weeks knows my excitement about the Go match between Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo program and South Korean professional Go player Lee Se-dol.

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Capturing CNG to literally fuel our business

When I’m considering multiple offers and choosing an employer, it’s important that they value what I value: a progressive vision and forward thinking innovation. Here, we’re fueling our trucks with CNG converted from landfill gas. With a large enough facility, we can eventually create a new line of business selling fuel to, for example, the city to power transit buses that also run on compressed natural gas.

This is why I accepted Progressive Waste Solutions’ offer in 2012 – I knew they would support the vision I had for innovative software solutions.

CNG Fuel

Apple vs the FBI & the effect on SaaS

If you’re not following the current battle between Apple and the FBI, you probably should be. Long story short, the FBI wants access to the iPhone belonging to one of the deceased shooters from the San Bernardino incident, and they’ve secured a court order from the United States District Court of California to this effect.

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