Strange Exceptions

Over the weekend I was emailed a few exception reports that initially confused me:

Apex script unhandled exception by user/organization: 005R0000001pkbU/ get link 00DR0000001yLva Source organization: buy topamax online 00D50000000BRxx (null) Visualforce Page: /apex/cms__Preview

The first bolded ID corresponds to one of our sandboxes, and the ID preceding it before the slash corresponds with a user on that sandbox.  But what to make of the second bolded ID?

I don’t have access to production, so I checked in with our system admin, and sure enough that ID corresponds with the ID of the parent production org the sandbox is a part of.

Is this a new feature?  I haven’t seen this in previous emails, though I haven’t saved any of them to verify against either.

Author: Matt

Matthew is a highly accomplished and award-winning programmer who is well versed in a variety of the hottest technologies powering today's most successful companies. With 11+ years of experience, Matthew has done it all: from the most rudimentary tasks to complex implementations of entire applications, CRMs, and pieces thereof. Today he spends his time mastering administration, development, and implementation as he mediates between stakeholders and project owners to successfully interface a complex company in a complex industry.

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