New Google Calendar Not Syncing With Android (Fix)

I have a single Google calendar where I store repeating events (pay day, barber appointments, improv workshops, etc) in addition to one-off social events.  The has become too crowded so I created a new calendar called Routine and moved all of those ‘routine’ events there, but the new calendar wasn’t syncing with my Android.

I use an app called Business Calendar.  I cleared data and cleared cache for the app to get the new calendar in my list, and still nothing.  There’s a little trick I finally figured out.

First, I had to install Google Calendar app from the Play Store.  From there:

  • Open the Google Calendar app;
  • In the top left, tap Menu;
  • Tap Settings;
  • Tap the name of the calendar that isn’t showing up. If you don’t see the calendar listed, tap Show more;
  • At the top of the page, make sure Sync is on (blue).

A few seconds later the new Routine calendar appeared in the list in Business Calendar, and a minute or two later the specific events synced to my phone.

I hope this helps you, but this is mostly for future Matt should I create another calendar again!

Author: Matt

Matt is a seasoned Salesforce Developer / Architect, with implementations of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Experience Cloud, and numerous innovative applications built upon the platform. He started coding in grade 8 and has won awards ranging from international scholarships to internal corporate leadership awards. He is 22x Certified on the platform.

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