Assuming you’re a potential employer, you’ve already seen the detailed breakdown of my skills and experience on my LinkedIn profile.  You already know I’m a Salesforce expert.  Maybe you want to know how I’ll fit into your corporate culture. I get it.  Here’s a more thorough peek into who I am.

Fitness enthusiast

I place incredible importance on fitness and health.  I can often be found doing something active, be it hitting the weights in the gym, trail running, or hiking up a mountain. No problem in winter either – I’m either snow-shoeing, ice skating, or maybe I’ve finally convinced someone to teach me how to ski.


I spend a great deal of time exploring – be it downtown Toronto, rural areas, or the many waterfalls, gorges, tunnels, caves, and lookout points we’re blessed with in Southern Ontario.  In the summer, every month sees a handful of daytrips and weekend road trips to see something new.  Want to tag along?  Great, but you’d better be prepared to get dirty; we’ll be climbing gates, ignoring “Keep out” signs, walking across narrow ledges, and photographing nature in all its beautiful glory.


I have a huge bucket list of far off lands I’d like to see.   When I travel, I like to go and “live like a local”.  Forget posh hotels and all inclusives.  I want to understand what it’s like to live in the city I’m visiting.  If you’re in Chiang Mai looking for me, I’m not eating Westernized pad thai in the tourist district.  I’m on the edges of town eating authentic pad thai – followed by deep fried bamboo worms and a scorpion on a stick.  Hey, I’ve got a day of mountain climbing ahead of me and I need the energy to fuel that effort!


I play guitar, though in recent years I’ve forgotten more than I remember.  I’ve transcended many genres, from 90’s alt rock, punk, folk, indie, and singer-songwriter style.  In the past I’ve played small gigs in pubs, but now I’m relegated to open mic nights and I’m perfectly fine with that.  Most of the patrons aren’t.


I like pretty things.  That bit about wanderlusting and adventuring above?  I have tens of thousands of photographs from my adventures, and some of them aren’t even selfies.  Nature is a fantastic thing, and as lucky as we are with some amazing natural beauty here in Ontario, the rest of the world is just as stunning sometimes and I want to document as much of it as I possibly can.

Want to know more?  Feel free to get in touch with me!