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Have you ever tried to address an issue with your code and gone down a rabbit hole? Of course you have. I recently encountered a pretty great one. It all started with this message from the console: Let’s set the stage. The endpoint for an existing integration (Remote Process Invocation – Request and Reply) was performing poorly so the client

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In December 2020, Salesforce released an exciting new credential, B2C Solution Architect. This is the first multi-cloud certification on the platform and there is no doubt in my mind that it’s the hardest exam to pass. I know a thing or two about Salesforce exams so I do not say that lightly. I have 24 certifications and have failed 5

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OmniStudio is one of the hottest new technologies on the Salesforce platform, and after being acquired by Salesforce in early 2020, it’s now officially a part of the Salesforce family as Salesforce Industries. When I first started playing with OmniStudio last fall I was surprised to learn this product is actually a part of Einstein Automate. With OmniStudio, you can

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I had reason this past week to work with Approval Processes in Apex. I guess I had never thought about it too deeply, but I was surprised to learn that these objects are all second-class objects. If you’re not familiar with the Approval Process architecture, there are five main objects: ProcessInstance represents an end-to-end approval process; ProcessInstanceWorkItem represents a user’s

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We’ve all been there. You belong to many orgs – Developer Edition, your employers, perhaps orgs for a few different clients or projects. You log into trailhead and you’re presented with a screen to merge your Trailhead accounts. N.B. If you have suffered headaches from Trailhead account merges going wrong, Please be sure to tweet this article directly to @trailhead

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Last week, Salesforce surprised us with news of an exciting new certification: Salesforce Certified User Experience (UX) Designer. As part of this announcement we were also introduced to a new Designer career path. If you’re anything like me, you’ve welcomed this news with open arms, and not because we’re both designers. In fact, I’m the furthest thing from a designer!

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