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I had reason this past week to work with Approval Processes in Apex. I guess I had never thought about it too deeply, but I was surprised to learn that these objects are all second-class objects.

If you’re not familiar with the Approval Process architecture, there are five main objects:

  • ProcessInstance represents an end-to-end approval process;
  • ProcessInstanceWorkItem represents a user’s pending approval request;
  • ProcessInstanceNode represents a step in an instance of an approval process;
  • ProcessInstanceStep represents one work item in an approval process; and
  • ProcessInstanceHistory shows all steps and pending approval requests associated with an approval process

The ERD is as follows:

Second-class objects can be frustrating. They don’t support Triggers or Triggered Flows, Validation Rules, and they don’t appear in the Object Manager – just to name a few annoyances.

Anyway, I needed to query ProcessInstance and one of the child objects. This can be accomplished by querying ProcessInstance and using a subquery, but the subqueries need to query the Child Relationship Name, as opposed to the object API name. I usually pull this information from the Object Manager, which of course I couldn’t access. Ahh!

Luckily most modern IDEs have predictive text, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out the names of the relationships to query:

SELECT Id, ProcessDefinition.Name,
    (SELECT Comments, Actor.Name, SystemModStamp, StepStatus FROM Steps),
    (SELECT Id, ProcessNodeName, NodeStatus, LastActor.Name FROM Nodes),
    (SELECT Id, Actor.Name FROM Workitems),
    (SELECT Id, Comments FROM StepsAndWorkitems)

FROM ProcessInstance
WHERE ID =: piId;

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While writing this article I couldn’t help but to draw comparisons to those high school assignments at the start of every new year of school: an essay entitled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”. That ultimately reminded me of buy neurontin for pets song of the same name, so now I’m listening to music from my own high school days while writing a similar type of essay: How I spent the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week I tweeted an ERD of the Salesforce Education Cloud architecture, and buy gabapentin usa asked me a question. Brian is famous in my household for being one of only five people who have ever commented on my fledgling blog in its 6 year history (thank you Brian).

Joking aside, I respect Brian a lot. His own blog frequently comes up on Google when I am searching for Salesforce related stuff. Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t a great medium for the answer to his question.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve fully broken out of the Sales/Service/Experience Cloud bubble but I think there are two things that have been helpful in getting exposure to other clouds.

The first thing I would suggest is to work for a Partner (or with a Partner). A partner can put you on multiple projects that are vastly different. I’ve been fortunate to work with different partners, most notably neurontin. This has given me hands-on experience with neurontin 900 mg day (a highly-performant digital experience), neurontin mg, buy neurontin from us pharmacy, and 1800 mg neurontin, in addition to the main clouds. These are products I never would have been able to touch in any meaningful way if a partner hadn’t given me the opportunity to work on these projects. Additionally, a Partner can get you into the Partner Community and Partner Learning Camp, both of which contain a wealth of knowledge.

That’s the easy part. The second thing I did was commit to a self-learning journey. This is much harder because it involves some sacrifice.

I feel a bit guilty saying this because I know many people had a very difficult time over the last two years, but the pandemic increased my quality of life. It eliminated 3 hours on public transit every day, and allowed me to reinvest that time into both watching my newborn son grow up, and into my career/hobby as a Salesforce professional.

So for the last 20 months, I’ve spent about 2-3 hours every day living in Salesforce above and beyond the hours I am actually working. This has allowed me to build expertise in Marketing Cloud, NPSP, Field Service, Vlocity, architectural design, and most recently, in Education Cloud. I built-out an implementation for an imaginary university over the holidays, and while I haven’t had the opportunity to work on a real Education Cloud implementation yet, that chance might arise later this year and I’ll be ready for that if it comes to fruition.

I did most of this out of curiosity and a desire to find new challenges, but there was a surprising aspect to all of this.

I could not predict how exploring some of the more niche clouds has allowed me to grow as a developer and an architect. My first several Salesforce implementations were fairly straightforward. When you start adding some of the niche clouds, you need to worry about System of Record for things like journey data, coupons, promotions, and so on – not just Accounts and Contacts. And remember that Salesforce is only a piece of the overall landscape. There are other enterprise systems to consider in these discussions.

It sounds funny to say that Education Cloud and Marketing Cloud have helped me to look at architecture more holistically, but it’s true, and I owe my buy neurontin with paypal to these niche products because there is no way I would have ever passed this exam had I not undertaken this journey.

I would urge all Salesforce professionals to spend some time doing the same thing. I’ve really shifted the way I think about design, problems, and risks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an admin, developer, architect, or consultant, I’ve found you can really up your game by getting into the weeds of some of these products.

If you’re interested in exploring some niche clouds, you can get demo orgs for many of these products. Here are some I have bookmarked:

If you have any that aren’t listed here, please link them in the comments and become my 6th ever commenter!

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We’ve all been there. You belong to many orgs – Developer Edition, your employers, perhaps orgs for a few different clients or projects. You log into trailhead and you’re presented with a screen to merge your Trailhead accounts.

N.B. If you have suffered headaches from Trailhead account merges going wrong, Please be sure to tweet this article directly to where can i buy neurontin asking them to fix this process!

The explanation describes a simple and innocent process designed to make your Trailhead experience much easier:

Looks like you already have a Trailhead account linked to that email address. We can merge them together for you.

Account merges can’t be undone, so read the boring but important details before continuing.

– Badges, points, favorites, hands-on orgs, and trailmixes will be merged to one account.

– Duplicates are excluded from the merge.

– All of your connected logins will be merged, so you’ll be able to log in with any of them to access your Trailhead activity.

However the reality is this can create quite a large headache for you. There is no mention that your primary email address may be changed, potentially resulting in the following:

  • Certifications and Superbadges have disappeared;
  • Personalized URL has been reset;
  • Avatar has vanished;
  • Your Followers, Following, Groups, favourite AppExchange packages lists have disappeared

How can we fix this? 😱

The first step is take a deep breath. This information can be recovered! I’m going to walk you through the steps I took to straighten everything out after creating quite a mess in my own Trailhead account.

Consider a scenario with these accounts:,,

The first thing to understand is the merging process changed your primary email address from MyPreferredTrailheadEmail to one of the others, for example, MyPartnerEmail. Your certifications, avatar, etc are still tied to your MyPreferredTrailheadEmail. However, when you log into Trailhead, your profile is searching for certifications related to your new primary email address, MyPartnerEmail.

To fix this, we need to reset our Primary Email Address to the email associated with our certs, superbadges, etc.

  1. Log into neurontin 24 hour shipping to us with the Email option using your new primary email
  2. Click your profile avatar (top right) and choose Settings. Disconnect Salesforce usernames, Google Identity, Email Identity, LinkedIn Identity… disconnect EVERY identity associated with your email address
  3. Open an Incognito browser tab. Go to Trailhead, and click Sign up. Choose the Email option, and sign up with
  4. In the newly created account, click your profile avatar and choose Settings. In the Social Accounts section, connect your Email identities for MyPartnerEmail and MyClientEmail.

This process will trigger an account merge and all your badges, etc will be returned to your desired email address. Now you’ve restored your full Trailblazer profile, and your primary email address is exactly what it should be:

I think the Account merge feature is a great idea that has been poorly implemented, making it too easy to cause breaking changes to your Trailblazer account.

If this blog helped and you agree that Trailhead needs to reengineer this entire process, please Like and Share this article, Tweet it directly to neurontin 300mg doseage, and be sure to copy me buy gabapentin cod so I can follow you and make sure your get your Profile restored. Trailhead will not prioritize fixing this broken process if they do not hear directly from us!

And if you feel so inclined, is neurontin an opiate like lortab!

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Last week, Salesforce surprised us with news of an exciting new certification: buy neurontin gabapentin. As part of this announcement we were also introduced to a new obat neurontin.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve welcomed this news with open arms, and not because we’re both designers. In fact, I’m the furthest thing from a designer! I can get by, but I am frequently in awe of colleagues who effortlessly create sleek, intuitive user experiences across every project they work on.

Salesforce has many things going for it but the interface has long been a pain-point for users who don’t like it, and developers who want more control over it. A couple of years ago, the introduction of Lightning Web Components gave us the power to harness modern tools and web standards to control Salesforce UI in ways we never could before. This new designation aims to recognize those who command mastery of that UI and the greater User Experience as a whole.

The history of salesforce feature releases is long and storied, however UI changes have been quite underwhelming to say the least and I don’t think this certification can be fully appreciated without knowing the history of the various UI frameworks Salesforce has unveiled.

History of Salesforce UI

Perhaps you’ve been around the ecosystem long enough to remember when Classic UI was new, and developers were eager to diverge away from S-controls and towards Visualforce pages, an XML-like syntactical language used to generate HTML pages. This was a significant development at the time, giving developers the power to fully customize the look and feel of applications utilizing third-party JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. It took quite a while to develop, and reminded me of my old days as a ColdFusion web developer, but we had good control of the UI as long as we had the patience required to build anything.

LWC changed the game by leveraging modern development tools to create powerful UI

In 2015, a new framework was released in beta for building something called Lightning Components on the Aura Framework (later renamed as Aura Components). These components were a step forward but they never felt ready for prime time to me, and I held on to VisualForce and jQuery as my go-to tools for creating sleek interfaces. My biggest pet peeve was these components could not be altered to allow for customized user experiences. I kept an eye on the technology but was never fully sold on leaving VisualForce. Slowly, Aura Components become more and more feature rich and I started to think there might actually be a future for these things after all.

That all changed in December 2018 with the announcement of Lightning Web Components. LWC used standard tools and aligned with modern web standards, using code that natively runs on browsers. This freedom from the Aura framework allowed much faster performance compared to Aura Components. And, LWC are fully customizable which made it possible, finally, to design a user experience.

Why this certification matters

To fully appreciate why this certification matters, we must first understand why User Experience matters (ok, I admit this line sounded better in my head). At the highest level, User Experience is how your users feel when they interact with your application. It attempts to build brand loyalty by fulfilling the user’s needs. I don’t want to stray too far off-topic so I’ll leave it there for now, but for a more in-depth writeup on the subject I’d recommend checking out buy neurontin without perscription on Workshopper.

If Salesforce created the does neurontin help a meth comedown Certification to set apart developers who are skilled in utilizing modern development tools to customize the Salesforce user interface, then this certification takes it a step further to identify devs who can offer an enriching journey atop that UI. The preparation trail for Javascript Developer I taught the coding skills necessary to develop powerful LWCs but it stopped short of teaching how to maintain a consistent look and experience across your components and the entire Lightning experience.

That is where this new certification comes in. With the second heaviest weighted section dedicated to the mastery of the buy generic neurontin online (SLDS), developers and solution architects will be able to really impress users with their custom LWC components, not just for their functionality but also for their look-and-feel.

To take a personal detour, I recently accepted a contract with purchase gabapentin online. There are a few things that really drew me to this company. First, their Salesforce practice is led by none other than buy gabapentin for dogs online, who needs no introduction as one of the most well-known developers and thought-leaders in the ecosystem. The second reason is the hidden meaning behind their funny name. Robots & Pencils is an effort to blend the most knowledgeable technical experts (the Robots) with the most kick-ass User Interface and User Experience designers in the world (the Pencils). It quickly became clear to me this company embodied the exact formula necessary to secure the most exciting client projects, and I wanted to be a part of that. The new User Experience Designer certification attracts me for the same reasons.

Diving into the details

And that brings me to the section listing for this certification:

  • Discovery: 13%
  • UX Fundamentals: 16%
  • Human-Centered Design: 12%
  • Declarative Design: 27%
  • Testing: 11%
  • Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS): 21%

Just as Robots & Pencils blends the technologies with the humanities, this certification strives to do the same while walking participants through the User Experience Design Process illustrated above. In addition to SLDS, I’m particularly excited for the UX Fundamentals and Human-Centered Design sections, although the entire exam looks full of very interesting content.

Who is this certification for?

This certification is not just for Designers! In my opinion, every Career Path in the Salesforce ecosystem will benefit from this new certification. It’s a necessity for the modern Developer, the Architect, and the Administrator. I would highly recommend it to the Consultant. I would even recommend this to off-platform Designers looking to boost their credentials with a designation from a very reputable source.

If you’re as excited as I am for this new certification, or if you’re still not sure if this designation is right for you, check out the official neurontin pain relief to better understand the target audience and see the objective breakdown for each section you can expect to be tested on.

You will also want to complete the buy gabapentin no prescriptionTrailmix put together by Salesforce so you can be confident heading into the exam to secure what I believe will soon become be one of the most sought-after certifications on job postings.

Related Resources:

Do you plan to write this exam? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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For the second year in a row, we’re lucky to be among the first to discover a problem with the summer release of Salesforce, and have that problem become a known issue. Last year neurontin online

What’s the problem?

I’m witnessing an issue in a sandbox we recently refreshed. We’re running a vendor product on top of Salesforce (this issue will still affect you, even if you’re not running the same app). Within the app’s admin panel, I’m trying to start something called ‘Scheduler’, which corresponds to a Salesforce scheduled apex job. However, this job never starts, and no error is gets displayed.

So, something doesn’t work, and we’ve got no leads to follow. That’s where the fun begins!

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If you’re like me – a developer who is sometimes too clever by half – you’ll relate to this story.

I just made some changes to a Javascript file in a static resource and when I deployed this from dev to our QA environment, I couldn’t see the fix.  After confirming the file did in fact update by checking its metadata I did a hard cache refresh and…I still couldn’t see my changes.

This went on for a while, and I deliberately explained every step to my buy neurontin overnight.  Each time, I could see the static resource was updating in the Salesforce environment but I wasn’t able to see my changes when I accessed the page.

This drove me nuts.  I hadn’t seen this issue before, and before long I started requesting sanity checks from my coworkers.

“Am I going crazy and missing something, or do we have gremlins in here?”

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Over my career I’ve done a number of things, from ColdFusion then developing printer drivers, to .NET, PHP, Dynamics CRM, and now Salesforce, while playing around with things like python and android development in my spare time.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve never had as much of a problem with Date Formats anywhere else as I have with Salesforce.

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Have you ever used a change set to deploy, only to find things like record types, field level security, or object access didn’t carry over to production? I came across a neat trick over the weekend that I wanted to pass on.

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