Tips On Passing Salesforce OmniStudio Consultant and Developer Exams

Matt/ January 18, 2022/ Certifications, OmniStudio, Salesforce, Technology

OmniStudio is one of the hottest new technologies on the Salesforce platform, and after being acquired by Salesforce in early 2020, it’s now officially a part of the Salesforce family as Salesforce Industries. When I first started playing with OmniStudio last fall I was surprised to learn this product is actually a part of Einstein Automate. With OmniStudio, you can

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Salesforce File Type Security – Change PDF Behaviour To Download or Open In Browser

Matt/ January 17, 2017/ Salesforce, Technology

I learned something today I probably should have already known.  We have a number of PDF reports that used to download when the links were clicked, but were now opening up in the browser.  I started playing with the VF Page to alter this behaviour but soon discovered there’s actually a Salesforce setting that controls how different file types are

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Capturing CNG to literally fuel our business

Matt/ March 11, 2016/ Technology

When I’m considering multiple offers and choosing an employer, it’s important that they value what I value: a progressive vision and forward thinking innovation. Here, we’re fueling our trucks with CNG converted from landfill gas. With a large enough facility, we can eventually create a new line of business selling fuel to, for example, the city to power transit buses

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