Strange Exceptions

Matt/ August 15, 2016/ Salesforce

Over the weekend I was emailed a few exception reports that initially confused me:

Apex script unhandled exception by user/organization: 005R0000001pkbU/00DR0000001yLva Source organization: 00D50000000BRxx (null) Visualforce Page: /apex/cms__Preview

The first bolded ID corresponds to one of our sandboxes, and the ID preceding it before the slash corresponds with a user on that sandbox.  But what to make of the second bolded ID?

I don’t have access to production, so I checked in with our system admin, and sure enough that ID corresponds with the ID of the parent production org the sandbox is a part of.

Is this a new feature?  I haven’t seen this in previous emails, though I haven’t saved any of them to verify against either.

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