Apex Callout – GET request received as POST

Matt/ March 1, 2022/ Development, Integration, Salesforce

Have you ever tried to address an issue with your code and gone down a rabbit hole? Of course you have. I recently encountered a pretty great one. It all started with this message from the console: Let’s set the stage. The endpoint for an existing integration (Remote Process Invocation – Request and Reply) was performing poorly so the client

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Workflow Approval Objects in Salesforce

Matt/ January 14, 2022/ Salesforce

I had reason this past week to work with Approval Processes in Apex. I guess I had never thought about it too deeply, but I was surprised to learn that these objects are all second-class objects. If you’re not familiar with the Approval Process architecture, there are five main objects: ProcessInstance represents an end-to-end approval process; ProcessInstanceWorkItem represents a user’s

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15 vs 18 digit keys in Salesforce – What gives?

Matt/ February 12, 2016/ Salesforce

Something I’m consistently surprised to see is the misunderstanding around the two different types of keys in Salesforce.  Every record has two keys: a 15-digit, case-insensitive key, and an 18-digit case-sensitive key.