Too Clever By Half – In Support Of Paired Programming

Matt/ April 24, 2017/ Salesforce

If you’re like me – a developer who is sometimes too clever by half – you’ll relate to this story. I just made some changes to a Javascript file in a static resource and when I deployed this from dev to our QA environment, I couldn’t see the fix.  After confirming the file did in fact update by checking its metadata I

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Formatting or Parsing Date & DateTime in Salesforce

Matt/ March 23, 2017/ Salesforce

Over my career I’ve done a number of things, from ColdFusion then developing printer drivers, to .NET, PHP, Dynamics CRM, and now Salesforce, while playing around with things like python and android development in my spare time.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve never had as much of a problem with Date Formats anywhere else as I have with Salesforce.

Getting MavensMate, Github, & Salesforce to all play nicely

Matt/ March 8, 2017/ Salesforce

UPDATE July 2021:  I no longer use MavensMate and have not since shortly after writing this post.  I would hope the tool has improved in the 5 years since I wrote this post but if not, I would definitely recommend checking out IlluminatedCloud or Visual Studio Code as an alternative! — There’s been some confusion lately within my network about

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Prepare for Critical Update: Clickjack Protection for Legacy Browsers for Visualforce Pages Without Page Header

Matt/ January 31, 2017/ Salesforce

In about a weeks time, a Critical Update called Clickjack Protection for Legacy Browsers for Visualforce Pages Without Page Header (Critical Update) will come into effect. This CU extends clickjack protection for legacy version browsers for Visualforce pages that set showHeader=”false”  when those pages are configured on API versions older than 27.0. Clickjack protection is added to VF pages through several security

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Salesforce File Type Security – Change PDF Behaviour To Download or Open In Browser

Matt/ January 17, 2017/ Salesforce, Technology

I learned something today I probably should have already known.  We have a number of PDF reports that used to download when the links were clicked, but were now opening up in the browser.  I started playing with the VF Page to alter this behaviour but soon discovered there’s actually a Salesforce setting that controls how different file types are

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Calling a Workflow from a Custom Button

Matt/ July 11, 2016/ Salesforce

I had a requirement to place a custom button on a layout that needed to call a workflow to accomplish some action.  This can’t be done natively but there is a neat little trick you can employ.