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One thing I somehow missed in the neurontin online is a new method in the System.Test class called setCreatedDate() .

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I think we’ve all been guilty of hardcoding URLs at some time – I tend to do it when I’m whizzing through some development and I’m too in the zone to do things properly.  I’ll just come back and fix it once I’m out of the zone.

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If you’re not following the purchase gabapentin online between Apple and the FBI, you probably should be. Long story short, the FBI wants access to the iPhone belonging to one of the deceased shooters from the San Bernardino incident, and they’ve secured a court order from the United States District Court of California to this effect.

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Something I’m consistently surprised to see is the misunderstanding around the two different types of keys in Salesforce.  Every record has two keys: a 15-digit, case-insensitive key, and an 18-digit case-sensitive key.

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