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Over my career I’ve done a number of things, from ColdFusion then developing printer drivers, to .NET, PHP, Dynamics CRM, and now Salesforce, while playing around with things like python and android development in my spare time.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve never had as much of a problem with Date Formats anywhere else as I have with Salesforce.

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In about a weeks time, a Critical Update called Clickjack Protection for Legacy Browsers for Visualforce Pages Without Page Header (Critical Update) will come into effect. This CU extends clickjack protection for legacy version browsers for Visualforce pages that set showHeader=”false”  when those pages are configured on API versions older than 27.0. Clickjack protection is added to VF pages through several security

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I learned something today I probably should have already known.  We have a number of PDF reports that used to download when the links were clicked, but were now opening up in the browser.  I started playing with the VF Page to alter this behaviour but soon discovered there’s actually a Salesforce setting that controls how different file types are

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